Ever since Matsuo Industries was founded in 1948, the words of the Bible were adopted as the basic philosophy for management, for the love of the working people and with the cooperation with the local residence , we have continually made efforts to satisfy customers through the knowledge we have accumulated and have aggressively taken on innovation in new products and new technologies. In a bright, clean and fully air-conditioned environ- ment, we are mainly engaged in the reasonable production of automotive electronic controls and precision application equipment with automatic specialized machines and the latest general-purpose machines, and we are highly evaluated by our customers. We will gain the trust of our customers even more and become a presence that is indispensable and promote improvement in providing our proprietary technology capabilities along with responding to the various demands of our customers for quality, cost, and delivery times, and strive to become a company that is even more attractive and we ask for you support.

Chairperson of the Board



Our company was founded as a wire spring company and have continued up to the present day. During that time we have taken advantage of new materials for use in temperature sensor products, resin sensor products, composite processed products, and additionally have been successful in taking on challenges in a wide variety of fields such as precious metal surface treatment products. At the same time, we have also engaged the establishment of integrated production systems in various fields and development of automated equipment. Currently, we are developing new products by taking advantage of the technical know-how we have cultivated until now and are focusing on provided technical services from the development stage together with customers. We are striving to become a world-class technology group.


The factory is not a place to make things, it is a place for people to work
Economics is not money, it begins in a location where people can work pleasantly


There is no mental state for satisfaction in life. We will pursue P.B.P. for the company and personal life.

  • Pursuit of Possibility
    Everyone has the ability to reach their full potential.
  • Pursuit of Betterment
    Taking steps on a daily basis to improve oneself.
  • Pursuit of Progress
    More progress must be made today than yesterday, and more tomorrow than today.

Under management philosophy any person has the possibility for self-realization Positive efforts must be made daily without fail More progress must be made today than yesterday and more tomorrow than today